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Frequently Asked Questions About Pergolas

Is it cheaper to build a pergola or buy one?

Buying a DIY pergola is usually cheaper. These kits cost between $1,000 and $3,000 on average and save you from paying for labor.

What is the purpose of a pergola?

The main purpose of a pergola is to offer protection and comfort to homeowners. Often used to provide shade for patios, hot tubs, and grills, pergolas offer just the right amount of shade. They allow natural elements to filter through, creating an ideal setting for outdoor enjoyment.

What is pergola wood?

Pergola wood refers to the types of wood commonly used to build pergolas, such as cedar, redwood, and pressure-treated pine. These woods are chosen for their durability and resistance to rot and insects.

How much does a 12x12 pergola cost?

The cost of a 12x12 pergola can vary widely depending on the materials used and whether it is custom-built or a kit. On average, you can expect to pay between $2,000 and $5,000.

Why is pergola so expensive?

Pergolas can be expensive due to the cost of quality materials such as cedar or redwood, as well as labor if you hire a professional to build it. Custom designs and additional features like built-in seating or lighting can also add to the cost.

What is the lifespan of a pergola?

The lifespan of a pergola depends on the materials used and the level of maintenance it receives. Wood pergolas can last 10-15 years with proper care, while aluminum pergolas can last much longer due to their resistance to rust and decay.

Is it worth having a pergola?

Yes, having a pergola can enhance your outdoor living space, provide shade, and increase the aesthetic appeal and value of your property. It creates an inviting area for relaxation and social gatherings.

What is the main purpose of a pergola?

The main purpose of a pergola is to provide shade. It also defines outdoor areas, creating a cozy and attractive space for various activities.

What is the difference between a gazebo and a pergola?

A gazebo is a freestanding structure with a full roof and open sides, typically round or octagonal. A pergola, on the other hand, has an open roof made of beams and rafters, providing partial shade.

What are the pros and cons of a pergola?


  • Provides shade and shelter
  • Enhances outdoor aesthetics
  • Increases property value


  • Requires maintenance (especially wood pergolas)
  • Can be costly
  • Provides limited protection from rain

Are aluminum pergolas any good?

Yes, aluminum pergolas are durable, low-maintenance, and resistant to rust and corrosion. They are also lighter and easier to install compared to wood pergolas.

Are aluminum pergolas cheaper than wood?

Aluminum pergolas can be cheaper than wood, especially when considering long-term maintenance costs. However, the initial cost can vary based on design and features.

What is it called pergola?

The term "pergola" comes from the Latin word "pergula," which refers to a projecting eave or an arbor. It traditionally describes an outdoor structure with an open roof supported by columns or posts.

Is pergola a gazebo?

No, a pergola is not a gazebo. While both are outdoor structures, a pergola has an open roof with beams and rafters, providing partial shade, whereas a gazebo has a fully covered roof and offers more shelter.

Is pergola a roof?

A pergola is not a traditional roof. It is an open structure with beams and rafters that provide shade and let in sunlight and fresh air, but does not provide full protection from the weather.

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