Cabana & Pergola Project

Project done at Emirate Hills. The project was to design and build a Cabana & Pergola at the back of the house. The client wanted something that would be useful for outdoor entertaining, with a summer.

The Wooden Cabana is a small two-story structure with a simple design. The first floor is a living room and the second floor is a bedroom. This project can be built in about two days, and it offers plenty of storage space for your backyard tools and equipment.

This project is suitable for beginners who want to learn how to build with wood. The materials are easy to find at any home improvement store, and they are inexpensive as well. If you want to make this project even easier on yourself, you can use pre-cut or precut lumber that has been pre-stained or pre-finished. You will need some basic tools like a circular saw, power drill, cordless drill, tape measure and square as well as some basic carpentry tools like hammers and nails/screws.

Project done at Emirate Hills

Project done at Emirate Hills image 2

Project done at Emirate Hills image 3


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